A New Walking Cane with a Twist

Looking for the perfect novelty gift for the fisherman in your life? Introducing Cast-A-Cane! It’s the first collapsible walking cane and fishing pole ever produced. Invented by a life-long fisherman, Cast-A-Cane is perfect for the person who loves to fish, but could use a little extra assistance getting to that perfect fishing spot. Plus, this one will get everyone talking! The lightweight yet durable cane features a telescoping design, making it easy to fold and store. Ready to head to the lake or stream? Simply unfold and adjust to the perfect height and you’ll be on your way. When you reach your destination, the cane easily converts into an easy-to-use rod and reel. And it works like a charm…hundreds of fish have already been reeled in by the original Cast-A-Cane rod!


Heavy duty cane that is collapsible and foldable for easy packing.

Cane features comfort handle and is adjustable for various heights.

Contains working fishing pole with bearing-based reel and metal gears.

Removable rubber foot reveals telescoping rod – opens in seconds!

Rod reaches nearly 5 feet in total length and features 4-pound test line.

Reel can be removed to install your own reel of choice.

Koozie holds folded cane in place when folded and doubles as drink holder.


Also includes pocket tackle container with lures, hooks, bobber and weights!

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

First Instruction

Use the cane to get to your favorite fishing spot.

Second Instruction

Pop off the rubber foot, then gently pull rod out and slide into place.

Third Instruction

String your rod, attach a lure, cast your Cast-A-Cane™ and start reeling ’em in!