Simply follow the instructions below to use your Cast-A-Cane fishing pole:

To Assemble Cane:
  1. Remove the koozie and mini yellow tackle box.
  2. Unwrap the velcro strap and allow the cane to unfold. You may then wrap the velcro strap around itself on the cane right below the handle.
To Begin Fishing:
  1. Place cane handle on ground to remove the rubber boot from the bottom of the cane. Grasp the end/bottom section of the cane, twist rubber boot and pull to remove. (You may gently rock the boot back and forth as you pull to remove.)
  2. The telescopic/retractable rod will now be visible. Gently pull the rod from the shaft until fully extended.
  3. Align the guides on the cane with the guides on the retractable rod.
  4. Carefully string the line from the reel through all of the guides.
  5. Put your favorite lure on the line and GO FISH (4-pound test line designed for pan fish)!
When You Have Finished Fishing:
  1. Remove the lure and reel in the line. Be sure to leave enough line exposed to prevent line from going inside the reel completely.
  2. Gently push rod back inside the bottom of cane beginning with the larger, lower end. Continue to collapse each section of the rod until you reach the top section.
  3. Attach rubber boot to the bottom of the cane. Grasp the end section of the cane, twist and push to attach.
  4. Fold cane and wrap velcro strap around cane until snug.
  5. Slide the koozie onto the bottom of cane.

The Cast-A-Cane walking cane can support up to 250 lbs. Enjoy yours and get one for your friends! Purchaser may return product for any reason within 14 days of purchase. Purchaser responsible for return freight.

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