Our Story: Cast-A-Cane

Don’t the best new product ideas blend FUN and practicality?! Cast-A-Cane was invented by a lifelong fisherman with a serious knack for fun! He dreamt up this multipurpose, one-of-a-kind product he was sure the fishing community would love…and then he made it happen! The inventor spent over a year perfecting the Cast-A-Cane’s design to ensure full function and usability for its purpose both as a cane and full-featured, closed reel fishing pole. With a patent pending, his innovative idea is now ready for market.

Cast-A-Cane’s inventive design allows for maximum usability in a matter of minutes…and it’s sure to get people talking! This ingenious product is the perfect gift for the fisherman in your life. Unlike anything in the marketplace now, Cast-A-Cane is a well-crafted walking cane and fishing rod and reel. And while it’s a lot of fun, it’s no joke! The inventor and his pals have caught hundreds of fish with the original Cast-A-Cane collapsible rod.

Unique fishing gifts are hard to find. The Cast-A-Cane fishing pole is incomparable in its dual purpose, fresh in its style, and as unusual a fishing gift as you’ll find anywhere. All that and a tackle box and koozie to boot!

Our Story